The World’s Oldest Profession…

      I am constantly asked, “What do you do?” I smile and say, “I engage in the world’s oldest profession every day.” “How about you?”
Now some will let this statement pass over their head and start talking about what they do. Those that have been listening will get that look of intrigue and retort, “You’re in THAT profession?”
“Yes”, I say, “I’m in THAT profession.” Long before a deal is consummated, negations have to transpire. So yes, I am actively engaged in the world’s oldest profession — sales.

     The life blood of all businesses and interpersonal transactions depends upon sales. H-m-m-mm; with that in mind, would it not be wise to learn how to be a better salesperson? I love hearing the word “Yes”. How about you… 

The Complete Home Inspections Team

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