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We are constantly working to improve our reporting process, verbiage and software. We understand that as a client, you want a thorough report that helps you understand not only what is important to address as part of the purchase transaction but items that will help you maintain your investment.

As a real estate professional, we understand you want is best for your client and what needs to be addressed as part of the repair contingency.

We have done our best to address both. The Improve Summary addresses items that will affect health, safety or pocket book. We feel that this is what is what the inspection process is all about. Focus on these items.

The FYI and Deferred Maintenance summaries address common issues that many need standard/common maintenance and/or upgrade. Every property, new or old alike, will maintenance or repairs. We do our best to help you stay on top of it.

We are diligent and do our best. We do not have x-ray vision and some items are out of the scope as outlined in Standards of Practice. The Not Inspected Summary tells you what’s and why’s.

~ The Complete Home Inspections Team

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  • Good afternoon, I was pleased to work with Michael Thornton at a home I was buying at 4641 Brook Hollow , Nashville 3;7205 but, I have been waiting for his written report…..I am thinking it was mailed to the apartment where I live, not this home….My real address is 3051 Hillsboro Pike, Apartment 307, Nashville , Tennessee. 37215… phone number is 713-299-0846. Please give me a call. Thank you, Mrs. Vecchio….( This is the St. Paul Retirement home)

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