Buyers Protection Plan

When working to get a property to the closing table, there are many variables that enter into the equation. Life happens and sometimes deals fall through. Our Buyers Protection Plan helps your clients on the cost of another home inspection. Should the need arise, we will offer the 2nd inspection at half the going rate.

** This does not include ancillary inspections such as radon, mold surveys, gas line leak tests, sprinkler system evaluation or other similar services. This is for one extra inspection only.

200% Guaranteeguarantee

Our guarantee makes your choice of inspection firm both easy and risk free. Using our team will provide you the peace of mind knowing that we give 200% on every inspection, so we don’t have to spend 200% making it up to you!
We are committed to the most thorough inspections provided by the best and most customer focused inspectors in the area.

To back that, we offer a 200% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
If our service does not live up to your or your client’s expectations and you do not believe they received the most thorough and comprehensive inspection available, we will refund their inspection fee.

In addition, we will pay the fee for another inspector of your choice to inspect the same home again.

We Help YOU and Your Clients Live THEIR American Dream…

** Certain rules and restrictions apply. See website for details.

90 day warranty

90 Day Home Warranty

90 day warranty
There’s no denying that “life happens”, but that does not make it pleasant when life happens to your clients. Leaks, failures and other problems that can develop after a home inspection are particularly annoying when your clients have just endured the stress of buying a home and moving into it. We strive to make the home purchase process as pleasant as possible for you, so we include a 90-day warranty to make you a little more comfortable and confident.

Home Owner’s Network

The Home Owners Network was created to help your clients enjoy their house more!
Your client’s home is their single largest investment. HON is their single resource to receive real-time tech support for questions about their home.
Honest, reliable guidance for all things home-whether they have a leaking pipe, wonder what kind of insect they’ve come across, or there is no hot water.
This $200 Value Program is good for one year and is our way to saying “Thank you for trusting your inspection to our experts.
We Help YOU and Your Clients Live THEIR American Dream…

Sprinkler System Evaluations

No need to call in another vendor to evaluate sprinkler systems. We can do it!
Many properties have irrigation systems. Often times, problems are not discovered until after your clients move in. Save your clients money by having us evaluate the sprinkler system when we do the inspection.

We Help YOU and Your Clients Live THEIR American Dream…

Radon Testing

No need to call in another vendor to do radon testing. We can do it!

Save your client the potential financial burden of having a radon system installed when they go to sell their property. Have them know their number and be safe.

We Help YOU and Your Clients Live THEIR American Dream…

Mold Surveys and Testing

The “M” word can be a kill killer!
Mold is a biological pollutant, a fungi that grows in moist conditions. Mold is found in up to 50 percent of all structures, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. And it could kill your next real estate deal.

Mold is considered a serious health hazard, and the problem now has the attention of the EPA, The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the American Lung Association, among other groups.

Most homeowners don’t even know that they may have mold, so it is seldom that it will be found on sellers’ disclosures. That means that before you represent a seller or a buyer on a home, call us to do a mold survey and indoor air quality test. Be sure that mold won’t grow over your closing.

We Help YOU and Your Clients Live THEIR American Dream…

Swimming Pool Evaluations

No need to call in another vendor to do swimming pool evaluations. We can do it!

For swimming pool and spa inspections, the safety of the walking surfaces, access doors and fences, recirculation equipment, and safety and emergency equipment is assessed. If significant issues are located on this thorough visual inspection, further evaluation and/or repair may be recommended.

We Help YOU and Your Clients Live THEIR American Dream…

Gas Line Leak Tests

Both Natural gas and Propane gas are commonly used in homes to power heating systems, water heaters, dryers, stoves, fireplaces, etc.
We use a handheld gas leak detectors to trace the visible and accessible gas piping within the home, concentrating on unions (connections with in the piping) and any accessible appliance connectors. This can also be used to detect leaks at or near a gas meter. We also turn the gas off at the meter to test for hidden leaks that may cause potential problems.

Most gas leaks found during a gas leak detection test in the home are found at gas pipe connections and are small and well below levels that would cause explosion or be considered hazardous. These types of leaks waste gas and cost homeowners money, similar to a dripping sink faucet or running toilet.
Finding and correcting small gas leaks can save a homeowner a considerable amount of money and prevent the leak from worsening over time.
Protect your client and their asset. Ask for a gas line leak test when you book your inspection.

We Help YOU and Your Clients Live THEIR American Dream…

Multi-Inspector Company

Complete Home Inspections, Inc. is a locally owned multi-inspector company serving the greater Nashville and Williamson County area. We pride ourselves on giving exemplarily service. Call us for your next inspection.

We Help YOU and Your Clients Live THEIR American Dream…

4 Point Inspections
Not every client gets or wants a full home inspection. We offer a 4-point home inspection for these clients. A 4 Point inspection will help clients obtain a better rate when getting a new homeowner’s insurance policy. The focus of the inspection is on the four main systems of a home:

  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Roof

This is just one more way that
We Help YOU and Your Clients Live THEIR American Dream…

And More…
Complete Home Inspections, Inc. is one of Nashville’s oldest home inspection companies. Back when other companies were using checklists or hand written reports, we raised the bar by pioneering digital reports with photos.
Today we continue to be a leader in the inspection business by offering value added services that many other companies don’t.
We understand that this is a trust business. All we ask is to give us 5% of your trust. We will earn the other 95%.

We Help YOU and Your Clients Live THEIR American Dream…

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