The last thing that a buy or seller wants to hear during the home inspection process is the “M” word. But let’s face it folks, mold spores are everywhere. Given the right conditions, these spores will start to grow and the cost of remediation can be expensive.

While the guidelines for the State of Tennessee does not require home inspectors to address environmental issues such as mold or fungus, as a service to our customers we look for these environmental issues and advise you accordingly.

Be advised that every crawlspace will have some type of fungal activity. It is the nature of open, dirty, environments such as this. Currently, there are no Government guidelines that state how much mold is too much. Your building analyst will advise you of his findings and help you make an informed decision.

If you have questions about the environmental condition of your crawlspace, be sure to talk to your building analyst about this.

The Complete Home Inspections Team

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