In my 18 years in this business, I have come to the conclusion that there are no perfect houses on this plane of existence. Builders do their best to construct their properties according to the most current standards, however, builders are at the mercy of their sub-contractors. People have bad days, and sometimes items fall through the cracks during the construction and “codes inspection” processes.

     Far too often, folks purchasing new construction, forgo the inspection because they buy into, “It has been inspected by ‘Codes’. Nothing to worry about.” Codes inspectors are human too. They do not catch everything! Due to the boom in construction in the Nashville/Metro area, they have extremely busy schedules. They have to spend at least an hour in their office in the morning. They then run their route of umpteen properties before returning to the office to field questions. At least another hour in the office in the afternoon.  They do not have the hours to spend to inspect every item or system like a home inspector. They are in, catch what they can in the time allotted, and then they are out. We spend hours – They have only minutes! 

      It is very rare that I don’t find issues in new construction properties. Some are minor – some are not. I strongly urge everyone who is purchasing new construction to get it inspected by a licensed, independent professional in the home inspection business. It is money well spent – even if for your peace of mind!

     If funds are tight when going into the initial purchase phase, consider doing an 11 month warranty inspection. Typically, by then, discretionary funds are more readily accessible. Most reputable builders in this area offer a 1 year blanket warranty on all areas of your new home and a 2/10 year structural warranty. This way, any necessary repairs will be done on the builder’s dime – not yours!

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