The question that home inspection companies often field from real estate agents and home buyers is, “What all do you inspect?” Based on the inspection company called, the answer to this question will vary greatly. More often than not, the answer will be, “We inspect everything from the roof down through the crawlspace.” This answer is partially true. While we do inspect close to 400 components, there are components that home inspectors do not inspect or are not required to inspect.

     At Complete Home Inspections, we adhere first and foremost to the mandated requirements of the State of Tennessee. These standards are based on the standards of care by the industry’s leading home inspector organizations such as; ASHI, InterNACHI, and NAHI. Our inspections adhere to these Standards of Practice as some exceed the State’s requirements. I have broken down these standards in component areas. These cover what we, as a licensed professional “shall inspect”, as well as, what we are not.

    REMEMBER!! Home inspections are a snapshot in time and are visual in nature! Conditions can and will change. Bear in mind too that standards (codes) are in constant change. What may have been acceptable at the time of construction or installation may not be acceptable today. We are not “Codes inspectors”.  My hope you find these guidelines useful.

     As a courtesy to you, the new home owner, we may make comments in the report to guide you in helping you maintain your new home. Check with your real estate advisor for additional guidance.

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